I want a cigarette, remotely.

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Okay, so I haven’t posted in a while and while I could easily claim being lazy (which lord knows I am) I don’t believe this is the case.  Just haven’t had much to talk about.  I have yet to finish that story I mentioned although I still plan to. I’m dead set on not letting it lapse like I do most stories, I’m so very close to the end.  Of course an old story/script idea I have keeps popping up, but I have to bury it until I’m done with this story.  I’ve also finally hooked up the iPod to remotely control iTunes and I’m four days into not smoking (hence the fucking title, sorry I really want a cig.)  Outside of that not much going on, I did go up to the space center the other day, which I plan to blog on either tonight or within the next few days, which brought of emotions I didn’t know were there.  Outside of that I have nothing….. except….

Asking you to check out my friends blog…  It’s odd, I admit, and started as an inside joke, but it’s just weird enough to have legs.  It’s done by my friend Jon about his friend (and mine) Hankey.  Just check it out and give him some love…..


and as always,

Good Night and Good Reading..,



What? You want to read something?

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Well screw you than!

Honestly I have nothing to post now.  Hoping to post more soon, but at the moment I’m getting close to the end of a story I’m working on and want to try and get it finished up, so until then, unless something unbelievably interesting happens (yeah, right,) I will not be posting.  I will however post when my story is complete.

If you do feel like reading one of my shit stories though, you can follow the link in the side bar to my writing.com account.  Post some criticism, I don’t mind.

P.S.  When you go to the beach, wear sunscreen, even when you don’t think you need it.  Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.  I got one hell of a burn this weekend.  Of course going to the beach more than once a year would help (hell I live a few minutes away.)  Anyways, guess I had something to write about after all.

Good Reading,


He has risen, just as drunk and ornery as the night before….

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Happy Easter All!

With that said, boy did I fuck up this morning.  So after putting in a six day work week and easily over sixty hours I was tired yesterday.  On top of that pile on the beers and the oh so good steak dinner I had (thanks again Lisa!) and I was more than tired, I was pretty well the walking dead.  So about ten I went to bed and slept like a baby.

Where’s the problem?  The problem happens when at seven thirty in the morning my nine year old son comes knocking on the door asking if I can get up because the Easter bunny didn’t bring him anything!  Now he’s not upset, he’s at that age which I think he’s on to me.  He drops hints every once in a while, small questions trying to get me to admit to being the easter bunny, Santa, and the best dad ever (his words, I swear.)  I play it off and we go on with our business.

Anyway, he’s not upset, he’s hinting to me that maybe I’m him, without outright saying it, and I say I’ll help look.  So we spend the morning having an Easter basket hunt instead of an Easter egg hunt.  He finds it and all of a sudden he’s the little boy I know once again, fully believing, amazed at how the bunny knew what candy he liked and laughing at the fact that the bunny decided to hide his basket this year.

All’s forgotten and back to normal.  Once things calm down I start getting the knowing stares and coy smiles but for a small moment again he believed and I saved the day and once more retained my title of Best Dad Ever.

Entering the 21st Century with a sense of, eh?

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Not a whole lot has gone on so far this week.

I got a much overdue haircut (I’m sure you care.)  All I can say about it is it looks a bit funny, not exactly what I wanted, but that’s what I get for trying to save some money and asking my mom to do it (here’s hoping she doesn’t find this blog.)  The other downside of it is the new beard I have going on is now the same length as the hair on my head, oh well.

The other item of note so far this week is the leap I finally took into this century.  I have finally bought my first ipod!  About time right?

I’m loving it so far, although I need to find a better blogging program from it, and I do wish it had a camera.  I’m still technologically behind when it comes to my phone (being broke is a bitch.)  But I can get around that by taking photos with my current phone and sending them through email to my ipod.  I figured it would be a great way to blog more, make twitter posts, et cetera.

Problem with this theory is a simple one, finding a good app that supports Blogger.  So far I have BlogWriter.  Not bad but typing on the thing is a bitch and anytime another program interrupts me I have to start all over, which is why I’m typing this on my computer at the moment (still looking forward to that laptop, shame I’m smoking again.)

All of that aside, I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

Only other item of note is I’ve written a lot more this week.  Hopefully I’ll have my new story done and posted soon.

Well, until something more interesting pops up,

Good day and Good reading,


First Post, Why I’m posting, and fucking smoking!

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So, here it is, my very first blog!  (Waiting for thunderous applause to end…)

     So I’ve been thinking about doing a blog for a loooong time now (hence the name of this blog) and whether it be because I couldn’t think of a topic or just plain laziness I haven’t.  But I’ve been sitting around tonight, convincing a friend of my that she really needs to write a blog about the vacation she’s on so I finally said fuck it, I need to do this myself.  Of course it’s late as all hell and I have to be up early for work so I do not plan on making this a long one, just a few thoughts.

     I suppose I should explain my reasonings for wanting to do this.  I like to write.  I don’t nearly do it as much as I should but it does happen every once in a while in rather short bursts.  It’s the short burst part that I want to change, I figure if I attempt this blog thing then maybe, just maybe, I’ll start writing more often.  Now granted most of what I write is fiction, but I figure any writing exercise is a good exercise.
  My second reasoning is that I have a horrible problem with never thinking my writing is good enough.  It’s a very rare opportunity for me to see my writing through others eyes because I just don’t let many people read what I write.  Those that do tend to like it, but it doesn’t stop me from thinking the next item I spew out of my fingers into my computer isn’t just another lump of crap.  That being said, I figure if I force my random thoughts out onto the web for all to see I should (hopefully) become more comfortable to putting my other writings out there for criticism, good or bad.

   The next little bit is about smoking.
   I’ve been smoking for about thirteen years now and I think it’s about time I quit.  Health concerns are always there but my big motivator this time is finances.  I would really like to get myself a laptop but my finances are pretty well fucked.  However, if you take into consideration the enormous amount of money I spend on cigs I wouldn’t be anywhere close to being burdened financially if I quit (unless that money then went into food like the last few times I tried to quit.)
    So, I decided that Saturday I would quit.  It would give me the weekend away from work to just relax and so Friday night was my last cigarette.
    That is until Saturday night.  I went crazy all day and was doing great until I opened that first beer.  As any smoker will tell you, you can’t have beer without a cigarette, it’s just unnatural.  So I had a few Saturday night and told my self Sunday would be different.
    So Sunday rolls around and it is different, until I get a call from a certain someone who can rattle on a little too long when I have no urge to even pay attention to what they are saying and I light up again.
   On the bright side I guess I could say I’ve gone from a pack a day to a pack every two days.

   In closing, I sit here now, enjoying my last cigarette, telling myself I will go through the pains of withdraw once again tomorrow and, just like Saturday and Sunday, tomorrow will be the day it happens.  Will it really? Guess we will find out, although if my history with blogging is any tell you might not hear about it for a few years.

Goodnight and Good Reading,