Mmmmm, Oats.

Yes miss, I've been through the desert and I have no name.

I've been feeding my brain elsewhere.

I haven’t forgotten about my blog.  Far from it.  I’ve just been busy, and, let’s face it, I rarely posted shit before, anyway.  This isn’t going to be much of a post either, just a what’s up, and a be back soon.

I’ve been spending my days lately keeping busy.  A lot has been with work.  We have just gone through a buy out at the ol’ silly putty factory (no, I don’t really work for a silly putty factory) and I’ve been putting in a few more hours than normal.

On top of this I’ve gotten back into the habit of reading more, a very good thing, and writing more, an outstanding thing.

Obviously my writing hasn’t leaked into this realm but it’s been more of the creative type and I’m happy to say that I’m forty some pages into what very well may be a book that the world may never see.  Either way, I am pleased to be writing so much lately.

I do want to keep up with this page some though and have plans for another post this weekend.  An actual serious commentary of sorts that I have no plans of doing right now seeing as I have my usual weekday/workday fog going on so I will save it for my weekend/drinkend (ugh, that’s horribly cheesy, but I’m keeping it) fog.

So I hope all two of you who look at this will be looking forward to it and if I end up not writing it well fuck off, like you cared anyway.

Til next time.


P.S. I’m only mean because I care.  Signed: The abusive husband of the blogging world.

Picture from (I really need to cite more, it’s just respectful.)  Check out the site too, pretty cool pics.


~ by Dylan on May 4, 2011.

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