I’ve Got an Itchy Trigger Finger That Needs a Scratching! (A.K.A if you stand still and let me reload 3 times I just might hit you…)

Be afraid, be very afraid!  No not of the horrible picture of me to the left (well, maybe of that too) but because I shot a gun for the first time in my life today.  I’d been planning on going to the range for a while with my friend Javen, even went up there with him once only to find it closed that day, but today was the day.

Now I don’t know jack shit about guns, I can’t tell you what we shot (I believe the first one was a Glock 19?  Not sure about the second one.)  However I did learn a few things today.  I can now load and fire a gun for starters.  I always seem to hit way lower than I’m aiming.  I know first hand why you wear safety goggles (damn shells.)  And I learned that no matter how much you’re expecting the recoil that first time, if you’ve never shot before, you’re not expecting the recoil.

Neither of the guns had a huge amount of recoil (I’m assuming, like I’m some fucking gun expert now) but that first kick is a bit of a surprise, after that, though, smooth sailing.

My aiming was way off, way low (see insert,) but much better with the Glock.  The recoil didn’t seem much worse on the second gun (a bit) but it must have been something (for it couldn’t be my shoddy aiming!).  Despite my aim being off, every one of my shots with the Glock hit the target, the bigger gun, well, out of the last 15 shots I fired I hit the target 3 times.  So I figure if I’m ever in a situation where I have to shoot someone I hope they stand there and let me reload a few times.  And even then I’m just maiming them.

That all being said it was a great time.  I have to thank Javen again, not only for taking me and showing me the ropes but for paying, because going to the gun range is damn expensive!

Aside from my eventful afternoon not much else has been going on, especially posting on here (oh come on, like more than two people read this….)  Only other bit of excitement would be the new phone I bought but I might save that for another post, not that it’s that interesting, but it’ll serve for something else to blog about….

Till next time,

Good Day and Good Read,



~ by Dylan on June 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “I’ve Got an Itchy Trigger Finger That Needs a Scratching! (A.K.A if you stand still and let me reload 3 times I just might hit you…)”

  1. Red Dead Redemption hasn’t helped?! I wanna shoot somethin’!

  2. Nope, can’t say it did. Guess I’m sticking to the video games…

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