What? You want to read something?

Well screw you than!

Honestly I have nothing to post now.  Hoping to post more soon, but at the moment I’m getting close to the end of a story I’m working on and want to try and get it finished up, so until then, unless something unbelievably interesting happens (yeah, right,) I will not be posting.  I will however post when my story is complete.

If you do feel like reading one of my shit stories though, you can follow the link in the side bar to my writing.com account.  Post some criticism, I don’t mind.

P.S.  When you go to the beach, wear sunscreen, even when you don’t think you need it.  Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.  I got one hell of a burn this weekend.  Of course going to the beach more than once a year would help (hell I live a few minutes away.)  Anyways, guess I had something to write about after all.

Good Reading,



~ by Dylan on April 5, 2010.

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