He has risen, just as drunk and ornery as the night before….

Happy Easter All!

With that said, boy did I fuck up this morning.  So after putting in a six day work week and easily over sixty hours I was tired yesterday.  On top of that pile on the beers and the oh so good steak dinner I had (thanks again Lisa!) and I was more than tired, I was pretty well the walking dead.  So about ten I went to bed and slept like a baby.

Where’s the problem?  The problem happens when at seven thirty in the morning my nine year old son comes knocking on the door asking if I can get up because the Easter bunny didn’t bring him anything!  Now he’s not upset, he’s at that age which I think he’s on to me.  He drops hints every once in a while, small questions trying to get me to admit to being the easter bunny, Santa, and the best dad ever (his words, I swear.)  I play it off and we go on with our business.

Anyway, he’s not upset, he’s hinting to me that maybe I’m him, without outright saying it, and I say I’ll help look.  So we spend the morning having an Easter basket hunt instead of an Easter egg hunt.  He finds it and all of a sudden he’s the little boy I know once again, fully believing, amazed at how the bunny knew what candy he liked and laughing at the fact that the bunny decided to hide his basket this year.

All’s forgotten and back to normal.  Once things calm down I start getting the knowing stares and coy smiles but for a small moment again he believed and I saved the day and once more retained my title of Best Dad Ever.


~ by Dylan on April 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “He has risen, just as drunk and ornery as the night before….”

  1. This is the best one ever! Just the title and the picture had me laughing before I even read it. And where was the basket finally found?

  2. In a brown bag under a pile of clothes in my room.

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