Wow, I Suck! (Bonus, I mention Jesus! A.K.A. I’m vying for views.)

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Okay, so in my last post I said I had a serious post in me.  Well I lied.  Not really but I obviously haven’t written it yet and I think the idea might have gotten stale.  I do have a new idea though.  I have been surprised to find that more people than I thought check this out.  I’m still sure it’s all people I know thanks to postings on twitter and Facebook, but that’s besides the point.  The point is I want to get some comments and make it a bit interactive.  So I figured I would give you the title of what my serious post was and ask that you post what you think my idea behind it was.  If enough people post we can get a really interesting topic going.  What do you say?  Okay, here we go.  The title of my unwritten post was….

Why The Middle East Needs a Jesus.

Have fun, I hope to.



Mmmmm, Oats.

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Yes miss, I've been through the desert and I have no name.

I've been feeding my brain elsewhere.

I haven’t forgotten about my blog.  Far from it.  I’ve just been busy, and, let’s face it, I rarely posted shit before, anyway.  This isn’t going to be much of a post either, just a what’s up, and a be back soon.

I’ve been spending my days lately keeping busy.  A lot has been with work.  We have just gone through a buy out at the ol’ silly putty factory (no, I don’t really work for a silly putty factory) and I’ve been putting in a few more hours than normal.

On top of this I’ve gotten back into the habit of reading more, a very good thing, and writing more, an outstanding thing.

Obviously my writing hasn’t leaked into this realm but it’s been more of the creative type and I’m happy to say that I’m forty some pages into what very well may be a book that the world may never see.  Either way, I am pleased to be writing so much lately.

I do want to keep up with this page some though and have plans for another post this weekend.  An actual serious commentary of sorts that I have no plans of doing right now seeing as I have my usual weekday/workday fog going on so I will save it for my weekend/drinkend (ugh, that’s horribly cheesy, but I’m keeping it) fog.

So I hope all two of you who look at this will be looking forward to it and if I end up not writing it well fuck off, like you cared anyway.

Til next time.


P.S. I’m only mean because I care.  Signed: The abusive husband of the blogging world.

Picture from (I really need to cite more, it’s just respectful.)  Check out the site too, pretty cool pics.

The line for the donkey tours start at my left ear drum….

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The grand canyon has nothing on the emptiness of my head.

So here I am as empty as a drained pool, my face blank except for the pale white glow of the monitor, expecting something magical to erupt from my fingertips. I’ve wanted to write more for a while and while a few ideas have come to me I’ve never jumped on them quick enough and ideas tend to fade and change and lose the impactfulness they originally rush at you with when you let them sit, so I am once again devoid of topics. But I must write.

So I’m experimenting. If I just sit here and force myself to write what will appear? I know in writing before that I usually just start with a basic idea (rarely is anything I venture at truly planned out in any real way) or sometimes just a sentence. I take this sudden spark, start typing, and my imagination does the rest. Copious amounts of information fill the page, some brilliant, some utter shit, but words with meaning behind them none the less. So I figured the same might happen if I sit without an idea. No spark, no line, no story thread arching across my neural pathways. Nothing.

So far so good (way too many paragraphs starting with “so” by the way.) But this part is easy. I’m explaining what I’m doing and that isn’t a bad thing. It’s obviously gotten things going. It’s a good primer for whatever comes next. It’s not Earth shattering but (hopefully) it’s not inducing tear jerking boredom either. There has to be a next though. I can’t ramble on for page after page about how I am currently devoid of an idea. Something has to blossom and become a torrent of description and tale. I can’t keep wasting time by going on and on about this void between my ears.

Or can I? Truthfully it is my writing so I can go on and on about whatever the fuck I feel like. Will you read it though? Who knows. I’d say who cares but I suppose in some way I do. So again I ask: would you read it though? Are you reading it. Can I still entertain as I ramble about something so unimportant and insignificant as to be nothing more then a waste of your time. This also begs the question as to whether or not it actually is a waste of time? Can something of value be gleamed from these ramblings? Could we discover any insight as to how the mind works? How thoughts stream and shift from one to the next. Plot and graph the similarities of two very distinct and dissimilar thoughts?

What about the aspect of writing? Is there something to be said for how these thoughts, born of no idea what so ever yet still pouring effortlessly from my gray matter, turn from simple electrical pulses traveling through my nervous system down through my fingers and crafting words upon this page? Can one who writes themselves study this and compare it with themselves maybe even molding and shifting their own techniques? Is there more to be gleamed from this then what it seems?

Fuck no, it’s the stupid overblown writings of a man with no idea who is trying desperately to force one out. Yet, it is writing. It is therapeutic, entertaining (in some way), and it’s a start. It’s the beginning of more writing. The more I do this the more ideas I will start to amass. The more I do this the better I will become at it. I will exercise my vocabulary making it easier and easier to use that word next time that this time is on the tip of my tongue but I can’t quite remember it until finally it is simply a part of my everyday lexicon. It is practice in grammar and sentence structure. It is learning to use auto correct better (because I will never learn to spell.) It is a start. It is better than nothing at all. It is an exercise for a part of my body whose only exercise tends to be video games and the occasional faux drunken philosophical conversation.

I feel I must wrap this up. As usual I have rambled on longer then I should have, especially for one with nothing to say, and my time would be better spent on something with an actual idea. Some meat and meaning. If I come up with something of interest I will share. If not I’m sure I will do this again only next time I will at least find some mundane topic to chime in on as opposed to having nothing (not to be confused with nothingness; an interesting idea in and of itself.) In the end remember if you have nothing to say say it anyways. We’re all here for our own enjoyment anyways so fuck everyone else.

Can You Keep It Down?

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Can You Keep It Down? <—- link

Haven’t posted in a while but I saw the link on this link and I agree 100%

Shutter Island

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Another great movie from Martin Scorsese….

Shutter Island

Ever since I saw the trailer for this film I was intrigued.  I had planned from that day forth to see it as soon as it came out.   Well the film came to theaters and then it went without me ever bothering to go see it.  So I did something even better; I got a copy of the book and absolutely loved it.  The only downside I can say about the book is that I was able to figure out what the twist was (for the most part) a little past the half way part (a problem that I believe the movie probably didn’t have, although having known the story it’s kind of hard to tell.)  But even having the ending figured I absolutely enjoyed the read.

After reading it I was still dying to see the movie, although I was a little worried that I might have ruined the movie seeing as there are very few movies out there that come anywhere close to doing the books justice.  Luckily this was not the case.

So tonight I sat down and rented Shutter Island.  I’m at a slight disadvantage at telling you about this movie seeing as I read the book because it means I wasn’t coming into this blind as I’m going to assume most people will.  It’s also going to be hard to tell you what it was I liked about this movie without giving the story away but I promise to try my best.

First off I have to say that the movie IS the book.  There are only maybe two scenes I can think of that were in the book that aren’t in the movie but it doesn’t matter because neither scene was a necessary or even an integral part of the story.  The movie is literally the best adaptation I can imagine this book receiving.  The only thing I think it lacked was the warden.  He was in it but I remember him being a lot more vulgar and intimidating in the book than he is in the movie.  It also didn’t help that the warden is played by Ted Levine, who does a good job, but after watching the show Monk, I have a hard time seeing him without a mustache.

Speaking of acting Leonardo DiCaprio does another amazing job, especially in a lot of his more subtle facial expression and things that will probably be hard to catch on your first watch through.  But that’s one of the great things about watching this film if you do know the story, there are so many things thrown into it in the way of facial expression, cinematography, and things that are and aren’t in certain scenes that really make you enjoy the attention put into it.  I strongly suggest reading the book first or at least watching it twice.  I was very surprised and just how enjoyable it was catching all the little things.

Well there is a lot more I could say about this film and perhaps I will later but for now I will stop for I am getting tired and I’m afraid I will give too much away if I speak more of the film.  In fact I’m so tired I’m going to post this without any proofreading or editing.  It is my first review type post and it’s going to take me a while to refine and improve on this sort of thing anyway so for now you get the full rough draft.

Hope you all enjoyed and if you haven’t yet see/read/both Shutter Island.  You will not be disappointed.


I’ve Got an Itchy Trigger Finger That Needs a Scratching! (A.K.A if you stand still and let me reload 3 times I just might hit you…)

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Be afraid, be very afraid!  No not of the horrible picture of me to the left (well, maybe of that too) but because I shot a gun for the first time in my life today.  I’d been planning on going to the range for a while with my friend Javen, even went up there with him once only to find it closed that day, but today was the day.

Now I don’t know jack shit about guns, I can’t tell you what we shot (I believe the first one was a Glock 19?  Not sure about the second one.)  However I did learn a few things today.  I can now load and fire a gun for starters.  I always seem to hit way lower than I’m aiming.  I know first hand why you wear safety goggles (damn shells.)  And I learned that no matter how much you’re expecting the recoil that first time, if you’ve never shot before, you’re not expecting the recoil.

Neither of the guns had a huge amount of recoil (I’m assuming, like I’m some fucking gun expert now) but that first kick is a bit of a surprise, after that, though, smooth sailing.

My aiming was way off, way low (see insert,) but much better with the Glock.  The recoil didn’t seem much worse on the second gun (a bit) but it must have been something (for it couldn’t be my shoddy aiming!).  Despite my aim being off, every one of my shots with the Glock hit the target, the bigger gun, well, out of the last 15 shots I fired I hit the target 3 times.  So I figure if I’m ever in a situation where I have to shoot someone I hope they stand there and let me reload a few times.  And even then I’m just maiming them.

That all being said it was a great time.  I have to thank Javen again, not only for taking me and showing me the ropes but for paying, because going to the gun range is damn expensive!

Aside from my eventful afternoon not much else has been going on, especially posting on here (oh come on, like more than two people read this….)  Only other bit of excitement would be the new phone I bought but I might save that for another post, not that it’s that interesting, but it’ll serve for something else to blog about….

Till next time,

Good Day and Good Read,


An Early Goodbye to an Old, Mistreated Friend

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The shuttle from behind on the crawler inside of the VAB.

I got a chance to go out to Kennedy Space Center with my son and a good friend of mine the other night to watch one of the shuttles travel by crawler from the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) to the launch pad.  Unfortunately due to lightning in the area they didn’t take it out of the building but the whole experience really got me thinking.

I was born and raised here on the Space Coast of Florida.  I do, and for the most part have always, lived within fifteen or twenty minutes of the space center.  If I had clearance I could drive to the launch pads within half an hour or so.  I remember as a child being enthralled by the shuttle.  Every time it was going to go up we would have the news on watching in anticipation as they counted down, always wondering if it was really going or if they would have to scrub it at the last second.  We would watch the close-ups of the steaming Orbiter on its pad as the commentators made their comments in between launch control checks.  Then, as the countdown reached ten, my mom would open the front door and my sister and I would go running out into the yard, necks craned, eyes to the northern sky, mouths stuck in a permagrin as that little white dot followed by its orange glow and brilliantly white tail forced its way upward, cracking the sky in half in its wake.  It would reach about a quarter of the way up when the sound finally reached us, a constant low rumble that shook in our stomachs and screamed of power and majesty.

It didn’t always end with the launch either, occasionally it would land in Florida too.  If you knew it was coming in you might glimpse it in the sky gliding back down but I seem to remember it always coming back at night, probably because it would always wake you with its double sonic boom that shook every window in the house.  I never seemed to of minded.

This excitement lasted until I reached the second grade.  I remember our class going outside to watch a launch as we always did.  My teacher was new to the area and had never seen one before, it’s a real shame this was her first.  It was January 28th, 1986.  The shuttle was the Challenger, and it was its last lift off.  I remember watching it climb and then watching it explode.  The large white cloud left behind and the two branching white trails from where it split and continued upward.  I remember my teacher saying it looked cool and all the kids saying something was wrong.  However I was only seven and I can’t say I was upset over it.  I remember as the days went on and every paper was full of front page news and full-page pictures, of found parts, and stories of the astronauts.  I remember talking about it in school and about the teacher, Christa McAuliffe, who was on the flight.  As the days went on I remember the gravity of the situation kind of sink in but I don’t think it was close enough to a second grader to of affected me a lot then.

Shuttle on the crawler (taken from web, not my own photo)

After the Challenger incident it was another two years, I believe, before another shuttle was launched.  Hell I was nine by then, I’d forgotten what it was all about.  Once it started it up again I remember being excited for a bit, but it faded fast.  I was older, I’d seen a ton of launches, even with its hiatus.  I had lost interest.  I remember a time in the cafeteria when there was a launch and most of the children in the room running to the windows.  I was one of the few who didn’t.  It was old news to me, not worth my time.

There was the occasional launch that I took interest in.  I remember being 16 or 17 and heading to the top of the Albertsons I worked at to watch a night launch.  They always interested me.  They weren’t all that common and they are absolutely stunning.  You go from an all black sky to the whole sky in the shuttles direction turning a bright purple illuminating all around as if it was a cloudy day as opposed to a balmy Florida night.  Outside of night launches though, I still didn’t care.

It wasn’t until my son was born and a bit older that he started getting into studying space that brought a bit more interest in me.  I’d take him out to see the launches and I enjoyed them.  It didn’t hold the awe it did when I was younger, but they are nice.

Back to the present.  The shuttle program is almost done, only two more launches from what I understand and here I was, just a 15 minute drive from my house, standing in the middle of a government facility/wildlife refuge, staring at the fuel tank side of an amazing testament to mans invention and ability.  It was only the second time I’d been able to see the shuttle this close (about 100 yards or so) and I was in awe.  It dawned on me with the force of rocket (bad I know) that I was deeply going to miss the Shuttle program.  It had been such a huge, overlooked part of my life for so long.  A part that only a small part of the population could relate with.  How we take this amazing show for granted.  How many people in the world have never experienced a launch, outside of on the t.v, and while yes you can see it closer on the television, it does not come close to feeling the rumble and knowing that you have a space vehicle sitting almost as close to you as your local mall.  I’m not explaining it well but, know it or not, those of us on the Space Coast have been blessed.  A part of my child hood is about to come to an end an I am regretting not having spent more time with that part.

But that is life.  The future of NASA is up in the air.  Many people are going to lose their jobs and the economy of this area is going to sink farther into the shitter.  It sucks but we will survive.  I think what we are loosing in the smile of that little, brown-haired, skinny, awkward boy, looking up to the sky and knowing that anything was possible because he was watching it from his very front yard, is the hardest loss to recover from.